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Suspension-type dispenser

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Suspension-type dispenser

Suspension-type dispenser product configuration

Censtar Suspension-type dispenser details:

Suspension-type dispenser refueling system is in the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of a new refueling equipment combined with the latest development of China's national conditions. Its design concept is a fundamental solution to the center of urban land is increasingly scarce, traditional gas station covers an area too large, vehicle refueling prevailing poor problem. Suspension-type gas system can make the entire gas station floor space open to Lane comprehensive, thereby greatly reducing the construction cost of the oil station. All the equipment in the refueling system can be hung on the roof of the petrol station, completely changed the traditional petrol station refueling equipment layout mode, the display with large screen LCD high-brightness, making the fuel more data at a glance, a variety of colors, color matching more modern style petrol stations, it is the best equipment to enhance the image of gas stations.

Suspension-type dispenser technical parameters

Main Technical Parameters:

*Working environmental temperature::-40℃—+50℃


*Power Supply:

AC 220V+10%, -15% 50HZ±1HZ

AC 380V+10%, -15% 50HZ±1HZ

*Flow rate range:5-60L/Min

*Maximum Permissible Error: ≤±0.3%

*Motor's output power: 0.75KW—1.1KW

*Noise: ≤70db(A)

*Intake Vacuum: ≥54kPa


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Volume: 0.00 to 99999.99

Unit price : 0.00 to 99999

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*Electrical totalizer:

Volume 0 to 42949672.95L

Money 0 to 42949672.95